Sitecore CMS - Powershell Prompts

Modifying Powershell extensions settings for Sitecore CMS with Powershell

Sitecore CMS - Powershell Prompts

When working with Sitecore with Powershell Extensions, Powershell ISE prompts/alerts are distracting.

Below change in configuration will help to overcome the same.

Search for Cognifide.PowerShell.config in App_Config\Include folder in sitecore web root.

    <token name="Default" expiration="00:00:00" elevationAction="Allow"/>
    <token name="Console" expiration="00:05:00" elevationAction="Allow"/>
    <token name="ISE" expiration="00:05:00" elevationAction="Allow"/>
    <token name="ItemSave" expiration="00:05:00" elevationAction="Allow"/>

Update the configuration as required, above example is suggested only for Local environment only.

elevationAction can be any value as below:

  • Block - always block action
  • Password - Ask for Password to elevate session
  • Allow - Always allow to elevate session without asking

expiration is TimeSpan serialized for how long session should stay elevated.